Is This A Viable Option For Recovery?

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Hi everyone,

I have been reading adamr's guide to moving the CMS from one computer to another. A while ago I moved computers, but now I'm back on a Win7 64 bit machine, the same as what I backed up from - so now I think I can finally try to restore my backups.

I backed up on my external HDD:
- The entire DAZ 3D folder with My Library in it (Which was in C:\...\My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio)
- The entire DAZ 3D folder in Program Files with Content Management System in it (Which was in C:\Program Files)
- The entire DAZ 3D folder in Program Files (x86) with the DAZStudio4 folder in it (Which was in C:\Program Files (x86))
-- And of course all the original scenes are also backed up.

I installed all the same content in the same place as before, such as V4 and Morphs++, etc. However, now I need to start copying stuff from one place to another. My questions are:

- Can I just copy and replace the existing DAZ 3D folders that I listed above, which are currently installed in the same locations as before, and on the same drive letter, with the ones I backed up?
So for example: From my external HDD, I move the entire My Library folder (as it was on my old computer, now backed up), to C:\...\My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio where My Library is on my current computer, and replace it (after backing up what I replace). And then repeat for the other two DAZ 3D folders for Program Files.

- Does it matter that the original files were created using DAZ Studio 4 Standard 64bit (I think it was 64, but I'm not 100%), and I am now using Daz Studio 4 Pro 32 bit?

- When I backed up the Content Management System folder, I don't think I shut down the CMS process. Will this render my backup flawed and usable?

- I am using 4.0.x, not 4.5. I didn't even realize that was out! If I upgrade to 4.5, will I still be able to recover the files I created in 4.0.x?

Thanks a lot for your time! I really would like to get access back to my files since I have a lot of work I can't open.

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    The content can just be copied back to My Documents if the path matches (including the username). The application will need to be reinstalled.

    Scenes saved in 4.0 will open in 4.5, and it doesn't matter whether they were made in 32 or 64 bit (although if it was a big scene in 64-bit it might require more RAM than 32-bit supports).

    ETA: If the CMS was running when you copied the CMS database files they may be corrupted.

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    But...the Program Files, especially if they were 64 bit versions.

    As to the 4 to 4.5 will need to uninstall 4.0 anyway, before installing 4.5 (if you don't do it manually, the installer will do it during the update process).

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    Thanks for the fast replies!

    fixmypcmike, I do think the username and path matches, but you say the application will need to be reinstalled. Do I need to do that after I copy the folder over or before? I guess if it has to be reinstalled, I might as well upgrade to 4.5 64 bit, assuming my folders will still have a place to go. I still have my old 4.0 Standard 64 bit backed up so I could also use that. But what you say about the CMS does worry me - I have a feeling doing a total recovery might be impossible with a corrupted CMS - Is that true?

    mjc1016 - I take it then the only folder that I need to worry about copying over is My Library and its contents. But the Content Management System folder was/is in Program Files - and I thought from adamr's guide, that has to be copied over too. Maybe I'm missing something?

    Thanks again! All the best.

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    I would copy the content folders over first, then install, so any updated files won't get overwritten. As for the database, it couldn't hurt to try it. Starting with DS4.5 there's an option to export user data, so you don't have to worry about it -- it exports to plain-text .dsx files in the Runtime:Support folder, so you can back those up without having to worry about stopping the CMS.

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    Adamr001 also has this thread on recovering from a corrupt CMS database:

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    Hi again, just an update for anyone else who might be in the same boat as I-

    Thanks for your reply pcmike. I actually replaced the My Library folder with the one I had backed up - I didn't re-install or do anything else. I didn't replace the CMS database or anything besides My Library from backup, and DAZ 4.0 loads and renders my old scenes correctly, with everything from camera angles to textures preserved. No errors when loading the scenes either.

    I almost had a feeling like this is too good to be true, but so far nothing has gone wrong *knock on wood*.

    So next I'll be trying to upgrade to 4.5. Not sure how to handle it yet, but it sounds like a good upgrade. And I got the Pro 64 bit (thanks DAZ!).

    All the best,

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    Just some more of advice I very recently added a new hd,and moved daz over to it
    to give my main drive breathing room.Anyway I rediscover the content db tab you have
    db manager,and maintenance.The tab here should really help you out.Just figured i'd give you a heads up

    586 x 327 - 37K
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