Expressions working on base genesis figure but not a genesis character

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I've transferred some facial expression morphs via GenX, and I can successfully apply those to the main genesis figure in Carrara 8.5 beta.
I can capture that as an NLA and then add it to an NLA track and have it work.

I also have a genesis based character, however (was based on the genesis female as opposed to the main genesis figure), and that genesis based character doesn't react to the facial morphs at all.

Any idea why that might be or if there's a way around it?

(I needed to base my character off the female genesis character to have it work correctly with FaceGen)

Thanks for any help.

EDIT - I may have figured out where I messed up. My genesis character was stored in my browser. Since that time, I got GenX and transferred over varied morphs. SO loading a new Genesis may be loading that new and improved genesis base whereas my character made a couple of months ago and stored under objects in the browser must not.

Will test things out - create a new genesis char with my character's morphs and see if it works.

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    Yes, if the scene was saved before you did the GenX morphs the version of Genesis in the scene won't have those morphs. However, if you select the saved Genesis and load the new Genesis, and when prompted tell it to apply to the selected Genesis, then Undo (Ctrl-Z) that updates the saved figure with the new morphs.

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    hey fixmypcmike -

    II'm not getting that popup you mentioned with options to apply changes to my old genesis

    Do I need to ungroup my caracter or anything first?

    And what level in the hierarchy should I have selected when I drag the new genesis into the scene?

    And should I drag it into the hierarchy panel or just drop it in the interface?

    Thanks for any extra details - would be great to get this working.

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    Sorry, I forgot you're using Carrara, it may not work the same way it does in DS4.5

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    :down: :down: :down: :down:

    Ah . . . and there you had me thinking life was good again.

    Actually not that bad though. Shouldn't be hard to recreate the couple of characters I'm working with to test things out.

    Thanks for clarifying.

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