Store Problem: Can't add DSON to my cart, not showing up

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Okay, I add the new DSON importer thing to my cart. Figured I'd give it a try. Then I noticed I'm not logged in because the bleeping site can never bloody remember me. So Iog in. The importer is not showing up in my cart. At all. And it won't let me add it to my cart because it says the max limit is one.

So I'm kinda stuck. IDK if it is in my cart or not, but there isn't anything I can seem to do about it. I tried relogging, closing the window, etc. not working.

Can someone please fix the store? I mean you guys want people to be able to buy things, right?


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    The easiest solution to this annoying problem is to add any random item to your cart after logging in. That should make the other item appear. appear. Then just delete the random item and check out.

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    Thanks for your response. It was weird, I logged back in today because the site still won't remember me, tried DSON, still got the problem, but when I went to the page of another item to do your suggestion, my cart finally remembered it was in there.

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