gpu or cpu rendering?

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can anyone tell me if bryce 6 or 7 renders with the gpu or cpu? how can I tell? can I switch it to gpu if it installs as cpu and how?


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    CPU, Most if not all renderers use the CPU. However games, on screen editing use the GPU, this can be seen the specs when OpenGL, DirectX, etc. are mentioned. There has been break throughs in using the GPU to handle some of the rendering process in a few renderers, but its still new technology, and from where I am sitting, I personally believe it will be awhile before Bryce starts using the GPU for rendering.
    If you change the view mode from wire frame to one other other modes without rendering, you can get a glimpse of the GPU at work in Bryce, but as far as I am concerned the view is quite crude compared to a render.
    But as I say the technology is available, its just the programers need to take advantage of it, assuming, there is little to no cost for using said technology.

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    Blender is the only program I know that offers either CPU or GPU for rendering. But only if you're using Cycles Rendering. Blender Rendering only allows CPU rendering. It's an open source program that free to download and use.

    Cycles is a new render engine which came in with, I believe, Blender 5.1. And I believe GPU rendering came in at the same time. Depending on the computer hardware, GPU can deliver a faster render than CPU rendering. At least is does on my computer.

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    There is also the 'Octane' renderer which is GPU only. Luxrender can use CPU only, or a Hybrid type that uses the CPU and GPU together.

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    thank you for your responses. I guess I've been reading too many articles on the theories and evolution of graphics processing that I was just hoping that GPU rendering was already common place.

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