trouble with walk cycles again...

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OK, in a given scene do ALL the characters HAVE to be at 100% perfect for a walk cycle to happen like it should? THe character doing the walking isn't morphed but scaled way down to about half, while the others are at about 70% but one is Freak morphed. Does the Freak character affect the 'normal' character. This is one of those things that almost drives me crazy. Trying to create my own walk cycle is even more aggravating in the 3D world.
I suppose the best thing to do in a case like this, which I've been thinking about, is to render still images in png and take all that into Flash to animate. Back to basics when necessary.

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    I am going to assume you are using aniMate and you are seeing the figure jump between loop iterations. AniMate2 has trouble with character scale, but these is a workaround.
    - set the scale to 100%
    - create a null
    - parent the figure to the null
    - scale the null

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    actually, I got it working again. I guess sometimes you can use a scene too many times that it seems to confuse the system. So I started with a fresh new scene with all the characters in place and it worked perfect.

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