GeForce GTX serie and opengl in DAZStudio

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Someone use the GTX 660 or 670 with Poser pro 2012 or Vue d'esprit or DazStudio 4,5 ??

What about display rendering ?

Good to buy one in a new computer ??

(i am not a gamer ,just using many 2d-3d softs)



  • mjc1016mjc1016 Posts: 15,001
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    Yes, a 670 would be good.

    The viewport is the only thing, in Daz Studio, that would use OpenGL, but most of the 670s have a good amount of memory, so working should be fairly smooth. Also, if you get an add-on renderer, like Reality/Luxrender, then you've got a card capable of GPU rendering (which isn't quite 'there' yet, in Lux, but is getting closer all the time. Hybrid rendering,,.using both, is working pretty well in Lux).

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