What light thru yonder window breaks??? [Commercial]

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Ok yet another new set has released.... only this time, its FREE!


They are shaders for my jellyfish, which give him amazing color - but these are no ordinary mats. If you use Poser 2012, raytracing and IDL, you can actually make them emit light onto other objects in your scene!

Also, in addition to this cool support product being FREE, my jellyfish is on sale 30% off! But act fast, before he swims away

These shaders will work in lower versions of Poser, but they will not emit light in anything except Poser 9/Poser Pro 2012
They do not work in DAZ Studio

1011 x 1300 - 731K
1011 x 1300 - 874K
1011 x 1300 - 709K
1011 x 1300 - 807K
1011 x 1300 - 833K
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  • JOdelJOdel Posts: 4,031
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    I don't think I'd want that breaking in through my window. (Gorgeous, though.)

  • IgnisSerpentusIgnisSerpentus Posts: 2,172
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    JOdel said:
    I don't think I'd want that breaking in through my window. (Gorgeous, though.)

    LOL me either

  • KerynaKeryna Posts: 101
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    Your jellyfish lights are amazing - sadly not much use to us Studio users only. But great to see this interesting effect you've created for them. I find jellyfish beautiful and creepy at the same time. Your light effects would make a kind of hypnotic screensaver if you make an nice animated sequence..... - or something to project in relaxation centers for the less squeamish (or those in need of some subliminal terror)!

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    Can't use this in D|S (wouldn't it be nice if...) so I just popped the jellyfish into my wishlist for later. Must have missed it when it came out: looks interesting... in an argh-run-away-(across-the-top-of-the-water) kind of way. :grrr:

    (No, I don't like these critters in RL, can you tell?)

  • IgnisSerpentusIgnisSerpentus Posts: 2,172
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    Sorry I am so late with a reply. Yeah, my apologies to the DS users, but unfortunately, I don't know how to use the shader system in DS. It hurts my head LOL So I could not replicate the effect in there, to support it. But if there are any developers out there that would like to take up the gauntlet, you are most welcome to do so :)

    And LOL I just love jellyfish.... I find them fascinating and hauntingly beautiful.

  • IgnisSerpentusIgnisSerpentus Posts: 2,172
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    K just swinging by to let you guys know the sale on my Jellyfish should be ending tomorrow

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