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First off I want to say thank you to Daz for enabling us to download the awesome DS 4.5 Pro for free! It wipes the floor with my Poser 7 when it comes to user interface, render speeds and render results. The depth of field renders are like 1000x faster than Poser 7 with much better end results. And it also offers professional tools for us advanced users. It's so great!

About the camera control and depth of field adjustments, is the focal length and depth of field similar to a standard 35mm DSLR?


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    No idea, but does it matter that much? In DS you don't have to adjust them numerically. If you select the camera you want DOF on, then change the viewport view to a different camera, you can see the DOF planes and exactly where the area of focus will be.

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    Yes and no. You can jimmy the result a little more easily than you can with a standard camera with the tools provided but if you are asking do the terms mean the same, I believe the answer is "yes they are".

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    No I heard the depth of field uses an unreal scale in DS. There was someone who claimed to have found a correspondence between DS and real life cameras but I'm unaware of them ever posting it. I don't have a DSLR myself, but if somebody has and posted some reference pictures of a red ball it shouldn't be too hard to find a fast approximate conversion.

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    I'm having issues with DOF not working for me at all. I never really had any problems in DS3, but for some reason, just can't figure out why it won't work. Any ideas?

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    The F/Stop values you use will never show any DOF, use a higher Focal Distance and reduce the F/Stop. I tried with the default Genesis scene, Focal Length of 49, Focal Distance of 211 and F/Stop of 9.84, and that showed some focal blur.

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