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Curious about what all tutorials are out there for texturing. Preferably stuff intended for Daz3D specifically as opposed to Poser.


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    Are you sure you are talking about texturing, or do you mean using shaders?

    Texturing is the same, whatever program is used to render the finished result.

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    I mean actually making textures from scratch. I figure that making tileable shader presets will have a fair bit of overlap but wondering how would you make a dedicated clothing texture for distributing as a freebie or for sale.

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    You could always start with Choholes Tutorial. It's very easy to follow, and she is one of the best texturers.


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    If you are using ZBrush, I found two good ones recently on YouTube. One for Texture Map and one for Displacement Map...

    Zbrush 3.5r3: Polypainting on Victoria 4

    V4 Displacement Maps by sixus1

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    Sveva has a new one (SV Texturing for Beginners) on sale for half price at Rendo right now (for about the next 9 hours).

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    That one seemed to be pretty poser specific.

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