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There's no content, when i click on a .dsf file nothing appears

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    What version of DAZ Studio are you using? Help > About DAZ Studio, it is the version number I am interested in, like etc.

    What operating system are you using, and did you install the Content Management Service? If you are using Windows of some type, could you please look in the Task Manager to see if it is running.

    Smart Content is only displayed for items which have Metadata, and only when the CMS is running. If you look in the Content Library tab, you should find Genesis in DAZ Studio Formats > My Library > People > Genesis.

    Since you only appear to have grey icons in the image, it looks like Genesis was not installed properly.

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    HI hike1 :)

    it looks like the Daz Content Management service isn't running.

    In Windows,... you can start this from the Start menu / All programs / Daz3D / Daz content management service ... start

    This service should start automatically when your system boots up,.
    If it's the first time you've installed Daz Studio,. maybe rebooting will fix it.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Click control+alt+delete start up task manager and turn Daz Content Manager service from stopped to started. Restart program.

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    The content manager service is running, here's the error.log when I click on 'genesis.dsf' in explorer, latest Daz 4.5?
    Loading Startup Scene : C:\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Genesis.dsf
    Error reading file, see log for more details.
    WARNING: QAccessibleWidget::rect: This implementation does not support subelements! (ID 6 unknown for DzActionMgr)

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    It looks to me like your content folders are set up incorrectly -- the files under Data are not supposed to be visible in the Content Library. Can you go to Edit > Preferences > Content Library > Content Directory Manager, expand both the DS-format and Poser-format sections, and post a screenshot?

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