Luxrender v1.1 is out

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Stumbled upon that yesterday

There are improvements in speed and some feature espescially for blender users but people using Reality should also have some benefit too

"Changes since v1.0:

huge speed up with CPU rendering (measured from 10 to 40% improvement, mostly noticeable when using instances)
new sky2 light using Hosek and Wilkie just released model
render queue fixes when using network rendering
fix haltspp when using SPPM
new nsamples parameter to the distant light to match other lights and be adjustable with advanced light sampling schemes
don’t add an extra extension when saving jpeg or tiff files
fix light groups LDR saving
use a new cache directory in the user temp directory for network rendering to prevent denied accesses when downloading files
prevent out of bound interpolation with the mix material
network rendering fixes
fix area lights consisting of several 100000 faces
updated luxrays to support more LuxRender features in core
architectural glass fix in SLG
render noise threshold halt condition in SLG
various fixes and improvements

In LuxBlend25:

update for new Blender tile rendering
update for new Blender color management
update for new LuxRender sky2
various tweaks"

New build



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