Noggins Macaws Issue

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Hey there! I posted something a few days ago, and got a spectacular response. I cant figure out how to look at my latests posts soo... THANKYOU TO WHOEVER ANSWERED ME BEFORE!

Alright, onto the next question. I got these cute little parrots called "Noggins Macaws" a whiiile ago and decided I wanted to mess with them a bit... Weeeeeell, this is how they turned out looking like this image

Now some poses didn't seem to have this issue (or at least as badly) so I wondered if there was some way to fix this at all? I really think they're adorable beside that. ;o;

Thanks again in advance!

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    I see that too, I'm not sure what's causing it - it seems to be most sensitive to the posing of the tail joint though. I would reset your order, just to be sure there hasn't been an update, and if the issue is still there bug report it; I found a different issue with the macaw reported and fixed six years agobut there don't appear to be any current open reports.

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    What version of DAZ Studio are you using, and how are you loading the Parrot. Is it from a Saved Scene, or from the Content Library.

    Do you get any error messages, and have you looked in the Log File? Does it render the same as it looks in the Viewport?

    If these were downloaded a while ago, you could try resetting your download to see if there is a newwer version. I don't have this item, or I might be able to help more.

    Another XPost Richard, sorry.

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    I don't have this item but just a stab in the dark has the bird got IK turned On. I have seen this with other figures with IK turned on in Daz Studio when posed. I maybe 100% wrong which would not surprise me.

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    Downloaded and reinstalled the Macaw today and discovered I had the same issue. I don't know if anybody else has found a solution yet, but here is what I found.

    Using DAZ Studio 4.5 I had the problem, trying it with Poser 5 everything worked ok.

    In DAZ Studio the problem, at least for me, was with the tailBend2 morph found in the hip region. Set the tailBend2 morph to +260 and the geometry problem disappears. Of course the tailBend2 morph was not working at all.

    I dug into the CR2 file to see if I could find a problem. I did not notice anything obvious but did see that channels called 'Bend' were associated with the tailBend2 morph. Since 'Bend' is commonly used I though it might be interfering with something so I changed the name to 'tailBend' (did a search for 'targetGeom Bend' and changed all occurrences to 'targetGeom tailBend'. There were 7 changes). That seemed to solve the problem. I did this with the Cockatiel add-on which was also having the same problem.

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    Could you write that up in a report to the content bug tracker at please (it's a separate system from the store so you will need to register if you haven't yet done so).

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    Sent the bug report.

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    Thank you.

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