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Getting presets into Beta?
Posted: 29 October 2012 08:57 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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Sorry, I’m not in that often.

My recommendation is to install the carrara native content into a folder in your home directory. At least, that is what I do. It is what I did on the PC as well so maybe its just me smile

From a mac point of view it really isn’t a good idea to install content into an application. The reason is that the application folder is presented as being a file. You can drag and drop it anywhere and all of its files go with it. On the whole this works reasonably well, but when you have a “foreign” application that is shoe-horned onto the mac it can get messy.

Extensions/plugins understandably do go into the application folder so it may help to have some understanding of this anyway.

To view the contents of an application bundle, right-click (or ctrl-click) on the application’s icon and choose “Show Package Contents”. This will open a new Finder window that shows you the innards. Or you can use Terminal.

The application folder will have a folder in it called “Contents” and inside that are some more folders. The one you want is “MacOS”. Inside that are several more folders. The two in question are “Extensions” and “Presets”. From Terminal those paths are (for me)

/Applications/DAZ\ 3D/Carrara8.5/


/Applications/DAZ\ 3D/Carrara8.5/

The Extensions folder is where things from Digital Carvers Guild (or Fenric’s, or someone else’s plugins) go. If they don’t have an installer that does it for you I like to create folders inside that to keep them organized. Carrara doesn’t care, it will load every plugin in the Extensions folder or subfolder underneath it.

The Presets folder is where Carrara’s default folders for storing things goes. For example, /Applications/DAZ\ 3D/Carrara\ 7/ has all sorts of directories that ultimately contain Carrara objects.

However, as noted earlier, I don’t recommend installing content there—whether its on Windows or OS X. In the case of Windows applications (the executable, dll’s, etc.) belong in the application folder, but not data. That hasn’t stopped numerous applications from doing so, however, and is a major source of pain in desktop support/infrastructure departments because, for security reasons, Microsoft keeps locking down the application folder more and more.

The same thing goes with OS X. The application bundle really isn’t the place for data. Extensions are another matter (being loaded by the executable, not something the user selects as data to load). On OS X I have a directory labeled “Carrara Data” in my home directory and that is where I install content. You can then add it to the Carrara interface by being in the appropriate Browser tab and clicking the minimenu and selecting “Add Folder”. You are prompted for the type of content and the interface could certainly be improved, but it suffices. When you’ve added folders I also recommend quitting Carrara and restarting. Its just a hedge—if you are unlucky and Carrara crashes before you quit then all those folders you added are forgotten. You have to quit Carrara for it to save the configuration. The same thing goes for preferences.

One last note: If you drag and drop something into one of the “My” entries in the Browser, such as “My Objects” you might wonder where that goes on the drive. The answer is your documents folder. Specifically, ~/Documents/DAZ 3D/Carrara 8.5/My Presets/My Objects. If you save many objects you will likely want to organize them. Regrettably, you cannot simply create a folder in the Carrara interface, you have to do it from Finder.

I think and hope that covers everything. Enjoy Carrara!


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