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I am trying to paste a model I have made. I am already using him in Daz and just want to copy and paste him, along with all of his clothing into the same Daz Studio scene. I would like to repeat this process a few times so that there are multiple clones in the scene at the same time. When I go to edit and choose copy figure when he is selected, I then paste into figures but its not showing up. Same with other copy and paste options. I am not seeing him anywhere.

Any ideas?


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    Daz Studio cannot duplicate object via Copy and Paste.

    1: You can save the Figure and clothing as a Scene (if it is part of a bigger scene then use the save as "Scene Subset" command. It is dead easy to follow and do) then you world use the "Merge" command to merge another figure in to the scene.

    2: If you want clones, exact copies without the ability to move any parts then Daz Studio 4.5 now has "Instancing" in the "Create" menu. This will make one or as many copies you want. You can move (and will have to place them around yourself) and scale them interdependently from the source figure. But if you change the source figure all the instances will change too.

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    Copy and paste works for settings, not actual items. What you can do is, if you want all copies to have the same pose, create an instance (same materials too) or geometry shell (can have different materials) - both are in the Create menu. If you are going to want to vary the poses then use File>Save as>Scene Subset... to save figure and clothes, then merge that saved set into the scene as needed.

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    For the love of all things good... Please make this a function... It is annoying having to go through another 12 step process to duplicate everything, once all settings are made.

    CTRL + C to copy (Whatever is selected)

    CTRL + V to paste (Whatever was just copied, pasting it as a new object/item)

    That is usually the first thing every program that does any kind of editing, programs into code. This is the ONLY thing the program does not do, for copy and paste. How the heck does that even happen?

    I know, who would want to use more than one 3D item? Besides everyone who doesn't want to have dozens of useless save-files all over the place, when all they wanted was two bricks, two chairs, two people, two doors, two patio-blocks, two cars, two buildings, two of the same hairstyles, two or more... of anything. Without having to create a new one from scratch, trying to dig through menu's to find it, hope it is the right one... Then have to keep going back to the 0,0,0 spot to fetch it, adjust it to hopefully match... or have to keep saving stuff that is already an item, that you don't want as just an item, but have to save it, just to get it to load more than one, having to load/import each item... and with the goofy loading process, hope you don't select the wrong loading type from the list, which may erase everything in the scene, with no chance to get it back when you accidentlay pick that loading option that isn't one anyone would even use... but sounds like one you would use to load a fresh object into a scene, which is all anyone even wants.


    (End Rant) xD


    Came here searching for the same thing... Again, not realizing this is like the 40th time I came here, looking for the same thing. Sure that I was just missing the hidden COPY and PASTE setting. Nope, just another standard ignored and never added, the everyone assumes is there, and thus, google has it as the #1 search result to tell them... Nope, doesn't exist, don't look at any other link, here is your 30,000-value answer that is 100% what you were looking for.

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    Ouch, 4 year old thread.

    Anyways, you can actually do this (Although not via copy/paste)

    select the item you want to copy, go to edit->duplicate Then if you just want that item and no sub-items, select duplicate again. If you want to copy the item plus all clothing and sub-items do duplicate->duplicate hierarchy.

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    There is a reason why a simple copy and paste won't item is not one 'thing' is 3d mesh data, rigging data, shaders and image files.  You can't simply dump all those various types of data to the clipboard and paste it back in such a way that it all stays linked properly.   The duplicate function, on the other hand copies all the needed settings to the clipboard, loads the item(s) and pastes the settings back in...essentially the manual method mentioned earlier, in an automatic format.

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