Pose Limits Question [solved]

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In the past I've tried to save some poses I've done that had Limits turned off but they would never save correctly because the presets didn't want to save the Limits info. Is there a way to get the program to either save the information about Limits being turned off with certain poses, or a way to get the popup asking if you want to turn limits off like a lot of pose sets used to do?

I'm using DS 4.5. Thanks in advance!

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    I am not remember about ds 4.5.0 117(product ver),,

    but in ds 4.5.0 134(beta ver)

    you can save pose with limit off status by "duf" pose file.

    it seems depend on how you set preference.

    set preference from top menu,

    Edit>preference>Content library Pane>Pose shaping preset loading
    "show the preset Exceeds limits dialog"

    when you apply pose.duf to your figure.(I checked it only genesis,,)
    ds ask you by pop up window,

    but about dsa or dsb pose preset, it can not change the limits status automatically,
    so just set the value of "rotation limits." if you do not change the status of the node controller

    case 2)
    when you set preference from top menu,
    Edit>preference>Content library Pane>Pose shaping preset loading "leave limits on"
    you can never apply the over limits pose preset duf, or dsa pose file can apply the limits value only.

    case 3)
    Edit>preference>Content library Pane>Pose shaping preset loading "leave limits off"
    about duf pose file, it is almost same with case 1).
    but ds not ask you , apply the over limits pose.

    about dsa or dsb pose file , it can not apply the over limit pose as you know.

    so you need to change the node rotation controller status first.


    and just about the "current figure" you load in your scene,
    you can change the limits rotation status, from parameter option,,
    Limits(off) rotation.
    when you save the duf scene, the figure rotation limits status be saved too.

    so you can make "non limits rotation subset of genesis", if you want..
    and you can merge the genesis with non limits to the scene where geensis act with limit lotation.

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    Thank you for the explanation :) So, as long as I save with the new format the Limits should be saved as Off for pose presets... I created a fast pose preset for a figure a friend made and zipped it up and am emailing it to her to see if the pose will load correctly on her end :) I guess this means we can't easily do pose presets for earlier versions but it's good to know it should work in DS4.

    I have one more question if anybody has any ideas.... Before DS4, how did the commercial pose sets get setup so they would have the popup asking if you wanted to turn off Limits? I never could figure it out and there has to be a way to do it somehow if PAs and such were doing it with their sets. LoL

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    I tank you too :) because I often forget how to apply pose with non limits
    and save it.
    the differece of each ds version is puzziling ,,^^;

    I think the best way to save pose file which can be used for other ds user,
    save as pz2, by Cr2 exporter by Richard ,,

    (but I do not use it in ds 4.5, so I can not tell how to use it correctly )

    the PZ2 file can show dialog same as duf pose file,,(if you set preferences)
    and keep the limits status too.

    I do not remember about dsf pose file, or how to work in other version of ds,,,

    but poser file seems not change how to work in each version ds,,

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    Thank you again for the info. I guess we'll just have to give it a try :) I did just get that Poser Format Exporter updated on my end that's supposed to work with DS4. I can do a test there too I guess.

    The only problem with the preferences for the limits is if we share these poses, not everybody will have theirs set the same and it would be sad to see them not work correctly for a lot of people because of how they choose to setup their preferences :(

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    Pose info never records if limits were on or off, it only records the value of the rotation and translation per axis.

    If you make poses that go beyond the limits of what is set for a figure you need only to mention in your promo thread and or readme that users should turn limits off and it will be up to the end user to do so.

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    Thanks for the reply Matty... I get what everybody is saying but it just has me confused still... I can't think of a particular set right off, but a lot of the old pose sets will bring up the popup to ask if you want to turn limits off (these were from the DS2 and 3 era, long before .duf format) and there has to be a way to somehow add that into the file presets. Could it have been added in manually through a text editor or something perhaps, after the pose presets were saved? I can't figure out how the commercial sets were doing it in the past and that's what I'm really trying to figure out :(

    On the bright side, the .duf formats are holding info for the pose limits turned off on my end. Waiting on my friend to see if they work on her end this time too. I would really like to figure out the legacy file issue though, so poser users could use the poses correctly as well without going through the trouble of changing settings on their end before being able to apply the poses. If it were me having to do it, I wouldn't want to take the time to turn limits off each time I wanted to use a pose preset -_- LoL

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    There must be difference from pose.duf with pose.dsa:roll:

    if I set ds 4.5 preference pose preset dialog "show the preset exceeding limits" (I think it is diffault setting )
    I think when apply pose file with out of limits rotation, ds must show dialog.

    but if I saved the pose as dsa , when I apply it, the dialogue never show up.
    the value just stop at max limits of the node.

    of course if you changed the limits by parameter tab, or top menu, before loading the dsa pose file,
    you can apply the correct value.

    but I do not like, everytime change setting of node rotation for some poses.
    and many user do not think so. (I think your friend too)

    in many case, it is better not to change limit of rotation, because
    the figure shape is adjusted in the limits. so if you change setting limits off
    ordinally, and pozing it, the shape of body change ugly.
    it may cause another difficulty when you pozing your figure by manually
    by pose tool, etc.

    but, if I saved the pose as duf pose preset, when I load it,
    dialogue show up, and ask me. to use the limit off.
    the "off limits" only work about current figure, and current node.
    even if you use zero figure, about the node status keep " limit off "
    untill you delete the figure from the scene.

    but you load new figure, the figure has lmits of the rotation.

    so you better not save as dsa. I think. I feel, pz seems same as duf.
    so I recommend if you make pose, save as poser type file.
    because duf can not use , ds 4.0.3 and ds 3 etc,,

    if your friend ds is ds 4.5, you just make pose as duf,
    and present the pose with massage your friend as same as matty said,,
    "please use these poses, by setting :) Edit>preferende>content libraly >"show the preset exceeding dialogu"

    I want to check about dsf pose file,, but,, now I do not install the ds 4.0.3 [email protected]@;

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    I was thinking more along the lines of the poser format files, so poser users can use them as well, instead of the Studio format.

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    As I understand it (unless it was fixed), .pz2 and .duf files work correctly but .dsa files do not prompt for whether to ignore limits.

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    LoL Thank you for the help. I did a test post with limits off and used the PFE script to save as a .pz2 and it seems to work okay. I sent the test off to my friend as well to make sure it works on another computer. It never did pose correctly in the past if I did something that required limits to be turned off but it's been a long time since I've done any poses with the PFE. I try not to turn limits off but sometimes it can't be helped (and sometimes it will lead to some interesting effects with things such as hair).

    I think this issue is hopefully all solved now. Thanks everybody for the help, and sorry if I made it a confusing mess. It's been a long time since I've tried to create anything like this for a purpose other than my own personal use.

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