D.I.Y Portrait Lights for DS4 questions

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How fast or how slow does these lights render? Best general estimates please.

And are any of the lights by ForbiddenWhispers recommended?


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    I think I own almost all of ForbiddenWhispers light sets now - I especially love using them for fantasy renders. The rendering time varies depending which set you use and what is in your scene but overall render times are not horrendous (that I have found). Also, you can alter them so much that the versatility of each set is increased if you change the light's colour or add your own 'gels' (replace the existing jpg used to one of your own) - those and Dimension Theory's lights are my favourite sets to use( CloudNine: http://www.daz3d.com/shop/cloud-nine-for-daz-studio and Luminance: http://www.daz3d.com/shop/luminance-hdris-for-daz-studio - these do take longer to render but results are good) . As for the DIY Portrait lights specifically, they are quite versatile and rendering times will vary as previously mentioned, but nothing too awful that I have found (hair, casting shadows, takes way longer than a bald figure for example - varying the time by up to several hours). I hope that helps :)

    BellaDragon :)

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    That does help, thank you! :)

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