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If anyone would like to help me make this feature length animated movie please send me a PM.

I am now ready to tackle this project. After, fiddling around with the tools that DAZ has to offer, I know that I can make a professional quality movie. I have most of the other "industry" 3d programs, but I believe I can pull it off with these DAZ tools.

Every week I hope to add a little more to the movie.

Since, I am a movie distributor I have access to more than 3000 screens. So my plan is to build a fan base little by little and then release the finished movie where the whole movie plus the last 15 minutes will be shown.

This is a quick version of the beginning of the movie. I am planning on rendering the final version in 4K quality. I have decided to edit in Premiere Pro.


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    I have the workflow fairly well worked out. The one thing that I had not really thought through until after I got started was the size of the sequential PNG files that I am rendering and the amount of processing power it takes to edit the layers and render them into too video clips for review.

    Carrara is working fairly well. I am tempted to go to the more expensive tools and use them but the intuitive nature of Carrara draws me back.

    So far I have got about 8 seconds of cinematic quality rendering finished.

    It looks like I will be buying a three 16 core AMD processor and building some rendering machines for my farm. Right now I am only running 12 cpu's. I am also working with our IT guys to see if I can hook into our company NOC over the Internet.

    I am hoping that after you guys see the quality of the work and see how the story develops I will get some volunteers to work on this project.

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    Ja mon, Carrara would be a BIG plus for you. And it renders about 70 times faster than DAZ studio. More realistic too. I did 4.5 seconds of 1900 x 1080 last week in about 22 minutes on a just a little above average Windows 7 dual core. -Rebecca De Carlo

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I guess I was not very clear. I am using Carrara. I do use DazStudio 4.5 occasionally for testing of figures but it is not a main part of my workflow.

    When I said I was using the DAZ tools I meant the "company's software". I should have been more precise about my choice of words.

    I am primarily using Carrara 8.5 pro build 172 64 bit.

    I also use Carrara 7 pro for the basic lip sync stuff. I do a lot of tweaking of the face after I get the foundation of the lip sync.

    I have the Autodesk programs. I am trying not to use them for this movie.

    I am using Carrara to see how far I can go with it for feature film animation work.

    I hope this clarifies things a bit.

    Thanks for the info about the render time comparison.

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    I don't have Autodesk, and although I have one of the Carrara 8.5 betas installed for kicks, I have not really fooled with it much, guess I'm kind of waiting for the finished product, no sense getting excited about one the could time out, I don't know if the betas time out or no. So my Carrara is the old pro.

    Keep in touch, I'd like to see your finished movie. I'd like to offer to help, but honestly don't know what my free time is going to be coming up as I have a real + online hobby shop:

    AND I'm apparently trying to be a one person James Cameron studio. I'm just starting to play with the lip sync, the one thing going for me with sound is I have a recording studio so the sound itself, even the soundtrack is not a problem. Getting it into the film may be a blast though, I'll know pretty soon. Best wishes to you, if you need any sound I could maybe do in one day now and then, I will help you whatever I can. -Rebecca

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