about transfer utility projection template in 4.5.0 137 beta

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I thought before the bug of broken face group problem has removed,
but ds 4.5 beta can not make good symmetly face groups still.

I made body suit from shell of genesis shape,and only cut surface groups of face and feet and hands.
it keep symmetly.

then use transfer utility with genesis basic shape, and use "bodysuit" or "non template",
both case, ds make facegroups not keep symmetly. eg it make only right hand face groups,
or some facegroups which should be set as neck ,scattered right coller,,

I think it ofthen happen, however you use transfer utility and made clothing,
ds template seems something wrong.

so I hope, other user use transfer utility and make clothing with symmetly shape,
please check face groups. I understand It has been improved from ds 4.5114,
( about ds 4.5 product ver, ds auto making by template face groups
seems terrible for me,,) but there is still problem about template.

if many user recognize it, I think daz will removed the problem,
but just a few people send report , daz think it is not important things.

I feel pain after use transfer utility , everytime set again face groups correctly.
I become nervous to use transfer utility making or reform clothings now,,

when I take care and want to keep symmetly of obj,,,TT;)


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