Creating/Applying morphs to objs in DS4?

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Hello all,
I have been wanting to try adding morphs to objects in DS4, to allow them to move. Like for instance, say a brick wall where you can add a morph to make it explode? I know its been done before as I have seen items posted around the net where buildings have exploded. Does someone happen to know how I might go about doing such a thing? (Is if a difficult process to learn)

Thanks guys!



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    A morph can work only with what's there - if you are starting from a wall that already exists and isn't cut up into bricks, or chunks of masonry, then you won't be able to morph it exploding unless you make a copy of the wall, divide it up in your modeller, and import it into DS. Once you do have a model in suitable parts making a morph is just a question of moving the parts around, saving as an OBJ and loading that OBJ as a morph with one of the Morph Loader plugins.

  • SuperheroinesSuperheroines Posts: 88
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    Hey Richard,
    Wow, thanks for replying and explaining how this can be done. I know this can be a difficult process to do, but I'd like to try and do something along these lines for a project. :)

    Thanks for the assistance, appreciate it!


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