12482 ASuspiciousCellar_1.0_dpc

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I tried to install this twice and both times Avast antivirus warned me about it.
I've installed a lot of Daz stuff lately and had no problem so this was a shock.


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    I'd be half tempted to say that Avast is throwing a fit over the name...

    99.99% sure it's a false positive. If in doubt, get a second opinion...either with an online scan or a different AV.

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    That is a false Positive. This has happened many times before. I only say this because I have also had my AV prg do the same thing on some of my files. I did not trust what was said in the Forums until I did this. I downloaded the item and then moved it from the Quarantined section of my AV prg and installed it. I then ran a FULL system Scan. The Installed item AND the moved content installer both passed a DEEP SYSTEM scan by both my AV prg's (one active one for extra scans only) and my Maleware checkers. I have never had one REAL positive AV flag from the DAZ3D site.

    I hope this helps you.

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    Thanks for the assurance.

    I did targeted scans of the file itself with a couple of free AV's and of course it came up clean.

    I know this file has been around for awhile since its been in my wishlist for ages so if it was infected someone else would have caught it.

    No doubt there are "false positive" red lights around files with "suspicious" names like that.

    Just a knee jerk reaction. Sorry..and thanks for the replies.

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