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In the latest versions of Wine (1.5.13 and 1.5.14) the changes to the DIB has caused problems with redrawing in the OpenGL Viewport. To get around this issue is relatively simple with one of 2 methods:

1) Roll back Wine to 1.5.12 or before
2) Set the following Wine Registry Entry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine/X11 Driver/ClientSideGraphics (REG_SZ) to "N"

This issue looks to have been resolved by Alexandre J, but we won't know until the 1.5.15 release expected on 10/12/2012



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    Yeah, I noticed it, but didn't really look into what was the problem, so I just rolled back.

    Funny thing is, on my system DS3 doesn't close cleanly with Wine 1.5,8 through 1.5.12 but it does in .13 and .14...but the redraw problem is beyond annoying. So maybe I'll give .14 another shot. DS4,5 seems to start faster in it...

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