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Okay, my computer is set up weird. It's a 1 TB drive, but it's partitioned apparently: 100 gb for C drive and 800+ gb for drive D.

I've always installed everything in the C drive before but it won't fit there. but that's where all the program files are...
is it safe to move my daz/content/runtime folder over to D drive?or will that mess it all up and make daz unable to find things?
Should I uninstall Daz and reinstall it on the D drive? is that possible to do???

Ug I hate computers when they aren't set up the way I expect. :(

I may have wasted the last several hours of installing, not realizing that the c drive was so small.... bah.


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    You should be able to move everything to the d drive and go into daz preferences and select the new location for content paths. Shouldn't be a problem.

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    Just remember to make sure the new content location ends up at the top of your preferences list, otherwise the /data/ folder will stay on your c: drive, grow and grow and grow, and eventually cork it up.

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    See here for updating the CMS with the new locations:

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