Export Genesis to CR2

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Hi all.

I have managed to get Mimic to work (sort of) with Genesis by making my own configuration file and exporting Genesis as a CR2. The method I used to export was that provided in the Daz tutorial video on youtube. i.e. export the geometry to an .obj, using the export presets for DAZ then export the character as a .cr2. While this does allow Genesis to accept Mimic phonemes, it creates 2 other problems. First problem is it reduces the resolution of the Genesis figure. Second problem is - while the figure initially works fine, and I can retrieve it from the content library with no problems - after saving it into a scene file it is no longer poseable. i.e. If you pose the figure in any way, it becomes mangled and body parts start popping out. Is there a way to export Genesis to a CR2 that doesn't reduce the resolution or make it look like an accident victim?

Thanks! :-)

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