Genesis Starter Essentials vs Genesis (anything else)?

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I need to have a scalp piece (prop) attached to the head of any genesis figure morph or deform into that same scalp piece on any other figure.
I was told I needed to buy an additional piece of software (genesis "something"), but I was wondering if the genesis starter essentials would enable me to perform this function?




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    Ok what version of Daz Studio are you using? Did you download the software from the store or CNet?

    If it is the newest one or ( beta) then you will get an additional download in your account called Genesis Starter Essentials 1,4 which needs installing to Daz Studio 4.5 in order to get the Genesis figure. In a nutshell the required tools come with the program all you need do is install the content.

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    Given your other thread, I suspect you are wanting a new piece of mesh to follow Genesis as you morph or pose it - the simplest way is to use the Transfer utility to turn the item into a figure: that will follow Genesis as you pose and morph it.

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    Thanks guys.

    Yes I'm using the latest 4.5xxxxxx. That's good to know because There is some Genesis utility that is supposed to do this morph transfer function but if I don't need it then cool.

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