Instructions for Backing up and transferring runtime from one pc to another?

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My current computer is dying, and I'm going to get a new one in the next two weeks. I do not relish reinstalling thousands of files to the new computer, especially since I did that recently and it took over a week.

Are there instructions for backing up, and transferring runtime (and hopefully scene) data from one pc to another?

I appreciate the help.


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    What program are you using? The reason I ask, is because backing up DAZ Studio folders is completely different to backing up Poser Files.

    For Poser, just backup the Runtime folder (with all of it's sub-folders obviously), and that is all it needs as far as I know, even for saved scenes, assuming that they ar saved into the runtime folder, if not, back up the Scenes folder as well.

    For DS4 or 4.5, you should backup the entire 'My Library' folder, which should also contain the 'data' folder which is needed to re-open saved Scenes in DS. I believe that AdamR has a tutorial linked in his sig block that explains how to backup the Content Management Database and Categories if you sue them.

    If yu have other content, like DS3 stuff, then you will need to save it as well, also making sure that the relevant Data folder is backed up as well.

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 12,165
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    I have DS 4.5. Thanks for the advice!

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    Goto Adamr's Tutorials and check out his stuff. Step by step for backing up and transffering to a new PC. I used it just fine.

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    See below. :)

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