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Decimate and Texture Issues
Posted: 07 October 2012 05:30 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Is there any way to select specific chunks of geometry when applying Decimator? Decimating a prop globally often ends up with textures shooting out from surfaces (see enclosed).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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That looks like actual ‘geometry’ to me…

Looks like there was a ‘hidden’ polygon and when the decimation was run, it is not hidden any more…most likely because of a mistake made when modelling the item.

You could try taking the obj into a modelling ap and removing duplicated vertices and hidden faces before running a decimation on it.


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That tells me the mesh is a low resolution mesh to start with. (but I can hardly see any difference in the images as they are far too small even with my glasses on. LOL )

Can you take a screen shot in WireFrame view mode so we can look at the meah before using the Decimator.



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