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I have finally had some time to produce some animations. Primarily for my books. I would like to post for questions or critique and welcome any ideas for improvement. I find that the hardest part of animation is pleasing myself. I experience many crashes with DAZ when the file sizes become too large. So I have had to keep it short and combine during post. Huge time eater. I use C4D and I do not have these problems, however C4D is a new monster itself. Is there a bridge available for C4D? Anyhow I am rambling. Thanks

Here are the links to "A Christmas Tale" and "The Miracle Shed" and my website...

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    cute - I would like to see the dog doing more - wag tail - scratch - etc.
    there is no bridge for C4D .

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    Thanks for the Bridge info... You are right about the tail. I am creating some animate moves for the dog, such as laying on his side, standing on his back legs etc. It did not come with any poses... I also think the prelude is draggy by itself, however, it makes it fun going right in to a digital book. Thanks again for you comments

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