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Where are my reset files?

sapatsapat Posts: 345
edited October 2012 in The Commons

Remember the old days where we could 'reset' a download? I did that yesterday afternoon with my Victorian House, Victorian Haunted House and Ancient Trees.
All I got was 2 pdf files explaining how to use zip files (duh, who doesn't know how to do that??), then I got 2 zip files for the Victorian House, but they're only in DS format in the 'Content' hierarchy. I didn't get my Victorian Haunted House reset at all.
1. Why am I only getting DS 'Content' files in zip format instead of a zip or exe with both Poser and DS files. I don't want the DS files to be honest, so these are useless to me.
2. Where is my missing Victorian Haunted House file?
I tried calling customer service a bunch of times yesterday up til closing and could never get to talk to anyone. I didn't leave my name/number because in the past, no one has ever called me back.
Help, thanks :)

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,919
    edited December 1969

    Store has been a bit laggy for part of the day. Try again later, you should find they have suddenly appeared.

  • jakibluejakiblue Posts: 4,089
    edited December 1969

    a lot of older products when into that IM type zip file when the store moved to the new one. It's not Content as in the DS content, it's Content as in "here is your content, your product".

    I reset something older yesterday and it came in the IM zip file - there's no DS mats or DS native stuff in it at all, but it comes in a folder called Content. Inside is "Runtime" with the files. The Haunted House "Content" folder should contain the normal files for HH.

  • jestmartjestmart Posts: 2,784
    edited December 1969

    I don't know why someone has gotten smacked upside the head at DAZ for this. There is no need for a Content folder to be in the zip, it is not and has never been needed by Studio like a Runtime folder is needed by Poser.

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,919
    edited December 1969

    It is something to do with the way the new downloader will deal with the zip files. I simply unzip the zips to a temp folder and then move the runtime which is inside the Content folder over to whichever Poser runtime I want them in,

    But then I never unzip anything straight to a runtime anyway, have been caught out far too often with bad pathing issues in zip files downloaded from various other places. I have found no problems with the paths in the runtime folders from DAZ 3D

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 10,046
    edited October 2012

    I haven't ran into that to much on DAZ but ran into it all the time at Rendo. DAZ has a very good QA department that find most little issues. PA's then have to check their installer to insure it is right. But, Cho is right. The safest thing to do is install to a temp folder and move to where you want.

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