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UEber environment 2 - Grains in the picture
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Hi everybody. Very new here, and a lot of stuff to learn. I used Ueberenviromnent2 for a night scene with candle light - Indirect light with directionnal shadows. Intensity 100%. Intensity scale 100% and occlusion strength 100%. Color occlusion: black 0. The picture is saturated by a smooth “grain” effect. Do you now what is my mistake and on what parameter I should play in order to have a better render ? Thanks for the help.

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You probably most need to increase the samples settings, but lowering the shading rate and max error may help too.


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the grain could be coming from UberEnviroment as Richard mentions but if the UberEnviroment is set to a high quality and you still get some grain then lowering the Shading rate more in the Advanced Render settings will help. This also mighr help with learning UberEnviroment

Also I have never seen a HDRI to be good enough to use Directional Shadows so best opt for Occlusion with Soft Shadows.



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