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Sorry for my English, because I'm Italian.
I purchased Daz studio from the store, but I can not find my serial number to my profile.
thanks for your attention



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    If you bought DS4 from the store for $0.0, and went through the Checkout, the serial number should be in your My Account area under Available Serial Codes.

    If there has been an error, and you did not get the code, then you will need to write to Support using the tab at the top of the Forum here.

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    Yes I have done as you say.
    Now try again.
    thanks for reply

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    You are very welcome.

    Please make sure if you are using DAZ Studio 4.5, that you also download the Genesis Starter Essentials file which contains all of the free content that comes with DS 4.5. In earlier versions (4,0.3.047 for example), the content was part of the main installer.

    If you have any further problems, please post again. The New Users forum might be a better place to post untill you get DS4 installed and running?

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    thanks for the welcome.
    I followed the procedure
    now on "My Downloadable Products"
    which file should I download in the long list? I have imac 64-bit
    In "My Serial Numbers" there is still no serial number
    Thanks for your patience
    help me please

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    Can you post a screenshot of your Downloadable products page? You use the 'Browse' button below where you type your message.

    What version of DS4 did you download? Is it

    I am not sure what is in your downloads, but you obviously need the Mac versions. And you need the 64 bit DAZ Studio file, and the Genesis Starter Essentials file as well. The rest you can do without for now.

    If you can't post a screen image, can you list the files here?

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    new problem.
    I installed daz studio before creating an account.
    Now the serial numbers that I have appeared not to be more 'well.
    The program starts but when I enter the serial number, I close the window. The program works but I do not know what is enter the serial number.
    Without the serial number of the program is incomplete?
    Sorry for my english but i'm italian

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    If the serial number has been entered correctly, the name of the program will change from 'DAZ Studio Standard' to 'DAZ Studio Pro', then you will have access to all the options.

    To get a serial number, 'buy' the version of DAZ Studio from the Store page, and go through the checkout. That will put a serial number for DS4P in your Available Serial Numbers.

    You still have not said what version of DAZ Studio you are using? Go to Help > About DAZ Studio, and post what the version number is at the top of the splash screen please.

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    I go to HELP/DAZ STUDIO REGISTER and paste the serial number.
    The orange color icon it's ok?
    this is done I click on ok.
    I do not know if the version of my daz studio is complete.
    Where can I see that it is complete?

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    I see you are on a Mac?

    Go to Help > About DAZ Studio, a splash screen will tell you what version you are using

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    I go to

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    I do not know if the version of my daz studio is complete.
    Where can I see that it is complete?

    As you can see, it says 'Version Pro Edition (64 bit)'

    So it is the Pro edition, and everything should work properly

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    But when you start this screen always appears to me.
    It is not normal.
    I always have to close it to start daz studio.

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    That is perfectly normal.

    The program is asking you for the Animate 2 plugin serial, which is a paid for plugin. If you have not bought Animate 2, you can ignore it.

    At the bottom left-hand corner, there is a box which says 'Do not show this again'. Put a tick in it, and that screen wont appear again.

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    Entering the serial what changes?
    The program is initiated even without the serial number.
    I have not noticed any changes by entering the serial number.
    Sorry if I seem intrusive,
    but I would like the program to have all the options to complete
    thanks for your attention

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    Your program has ALL the options.

    When you first run DAZ Studio, it is the 'Standard' version, and some of the options don;t work.
    When you enter the Pro serial number ALL of the options then work.

    If you are referring to Animate 2, this is a 'paid for' plugin, and it always has been. It gives you a 30 day trial of Animate 2, and then it reverts to Animate Lite, which is part of the free program.

    What is it that you think does not work?

    This is the FULL version of the program. There are other plugins, like Reality, Infinito and Animate 2 which have NEVER been free, and you have to buy them if you want to use them.

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    I thank you for giving me all this time.
    And thank you for your patience.

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    OK Oliver. no problem, we are here to help.

    If there is anything else you need to know, please post again.

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    AHHHHH i "bought" daz studio 4.5 for mac and it won't show me my serial number!! what do i do help [email protected][email protected]!!!

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    I don't know what has happened there.

    Have you tried logging out, and then logging back in again? How long is it since you bought DS from the store here, and did you go through the checkout, and get an order confirmation?

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    The next step would be to contact support via Zendesk. At the top of the store page, click the Help Tab, then Contact Us, and click the "Submit" button below "Submit a Help Request" and fill out the resulting form.


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    Go to your account by clicking on the little blue icon at the top right of the page, next to the shopping cart,  If you click on "My Account"t from the list on that button, when you get to the page you will then see a lot of icons across the top.  click on the one that says "Serial Numbers"

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    I thought that if you installed with DIM the serial number was automatically set!?!

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