Manuals for Hexagon?

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Hello Hexers. If anyone reads the Bryce discussion groups then you'll probably have heard of me.
Be warned - I ask questions - lots of them.

First of all I want to create a wall - with actual slate slabs.
Now I think I need something like Hexagon to do this but have not a clue as where to start.
Youtube probably would help but the videos are usually too fast and I have a problem hearing them (I am deaf - well mostly)

I clicked on the tutorial and manuals links in the Hex help - but they are all dead and I get nowhere at all.

Can anyone help please



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    There is a manula that comes with Hex in the Docs folder. There are also a lot of Hex tuts on the GeekAtPlay website too.

    There is a tutorial manual as well, but I am not sure if I can still find the link, I'll try.

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    Try this link:

    The geek at play tutorials are pretty good. The manual is good for the various tools available. There are also a lot of techniques for polygon modeling for other programs that will work with Hexagon. Have fun.

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    I just found a keyboard shortcuts document in the Docs folder as well.
    Very useful if you haven't customized your keyboard shortcuts in preferences.

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