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Daz 4.5 Not Visible when running
Posted: 03 October 2012 11:35 PM   [ Ignore ]
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The older Daz 4 run without problems.
I installed Daz 4.5 and then installed beta to see if anything more will happen on the Windows 32bit, Windows 7 PC.

Daz is running as a process but nothing appears on my screen….
I did manually uninstall the Content Manager Service and re-installed everything.

When I run Daz 4.5, the program still does not open on the screen but I can see in Task Manager, it is running as a process,
Any idea?

OK, Daz 4.5 simply does not work on my computer. I tried everything possible. I spent lots of time…
Uninstalling everything, re-installing only Daz 4.5 with nothing else. It still runs but does not appear on the screen.

I uninstalled everything, reinstalled the older Daz 4.1 and it works!

Posted: 11 October 2012 01:48 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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I have had that in some DS 2 and 3 versions, it turned out the downloaded file was corrupt. I understand that downloads were flaky in the first few days of October, which might explain your case.

Posted: 11 October 2012 03:10 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]
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Thanks Dave, I’ll try another downlod.

Posted: 11 October 2012 06:01 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]
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Make sure that if your using the CMS to give both it and DS4.5 network access, I found that if 4.5 has access but can’t find the CMS it doesn’t fully open and only shows up in processes, blocking it’s network access and it’ll fire up right away.


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