Carrara 8.5 not finding Morphs SOLVED

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I finally decided to jump into the 8.5 world. So far things are going okay. I have had a couple things that I was hoping someone here
could shed some like on.

I bought from Renderosity a set of foot morphs for Genesis and loaded it fine for DAZ but when I open Carrara 8.5 with DAZ open, these don't show. Others have, but not this.

The product is Ideal Beauty: Feet perfect Shapes and Fixes for Genesis. It may just not work with Carrara, the maker wasn't sure. If anyone here got it to work, let me know how?

Also, A quick question. The morph set V4/M4 shapes for Genesis, does that work in Carrara ?

Any help is appreciated.


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    Hi restif2004 :)

    It's probably a meta data issue,. but that's an under-educated guess.

    If you've installed the morphs to DS, and ran DS, it should have Popped up a dialogue to update the database with that new product,. and if it's done that, then the product should be available in Genesis,.. through DS or any other program that can work with the genesis figure.

    From what you're saying ,... It's not. :(

    the developer, and possibly someone as Daz3D, would need to look at the product and figure out why,...and fix it.

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    If you weren't prompted by DS to import the metadata after installing the morphs, go to the Content Library options menu, DB Maintenance > RE-Import metadata.

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    Thank you both, I was able to re import and it works!!

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    Glad you got it working. If you don't mind, could you edit the thread title to add the word "Solved" so people with similar problems will know that there's a solution in the thread?

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