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I just tried using Puppeteer in C8.5 on the grasshopper animal model from daz.

There are several poses included with this insect.

I placed dots on puppeteer for each pose, then made a short recording.

I then Detached Animation so it would get regular keyframes.

THe grasshopper moves all over the place on the x axis, as opposed to just going from one pose to the next in smooth fashion.

I thought I'd be able to fix this in the Graph editor by deleting the translation keyframes for the hip or the model, but that didn't work.
I eventually deleted a section under Controller List>Puppeteer for X position and Y position.

This stopped the grasshopper from jumping around, but it also stopped it from doing any of the poses even thoughI can still see all the Keyframe data for each joint and their rotations further down in the graph editor.

Any idea how to fix this or the right way to clean up unwanted translation / figure movement after using Puppeteer?


Just retried the same thing, being careful to reset to default pose in between new poses and no longer having same problem - though I still don't understand why clearing the hip and model and puppeteer translations didn't work in the normal manner.

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