Seams my DazStudio 4.5 lost many of his "data"?????

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I don't know how this happens....
I put some new (free) stuff in and then Genesis was broken. I reinstall the genesis content, but then I recognized some more errors and reistall 4.5 .... but many Icons are lost and when I try to open a file I saved or some content, it didn't find many things and cannot open it seams to lost most of his data or so....
I made two screenshots...
What could I do??????

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    This is how it opens saved files...
    and you can see the missing icons on the left....

    Is all lost????

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    That looks as if you have your content directories set up so that one is nested inside another and that is confusing DS when it tries to reload the scene - the paths to the files should start at Data, not Studio/My Library. I suspect you have both the My Library and the DAZ 3D folder selected un DAZ Studio Formats. Fixing that, so you have only the My Library folder (and any others in different locations that you need) selected should make future sceens save OK, but if that is the issue you may need to edit this scene to remove the first two folders of the path before it will open.

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    Thank you. But that is the place I chose for my content. I think I found the problem: I accidentally moved my data-folder in the prop-folder.
    Under Windows is it not so easy to put it back (big folder!!) but most things seams to be back again.... but still some problems with textures if I open an existing file .... and missing icons ..

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    OMG! Why are the textures in the prop-folder as well????? :ohh:

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    How I make such a mess? I think it happened when I put the freeby in.... I moved Runtime and data in the prop-folder! Many of GB was at the totaly wrong place..:red: ... I put them back and hope all is now okay again......puhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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