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BendinggrassBendinggrass Posts: 907

I am looking at the following items:

V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis

Genesis Evolution: Morph Bundle

These are on sale now.
My concerns can be expressed as:
If I use "V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis" it appears from what I have read, that I can use my V4 characters on the Genesis form, and I can use my V4 clothing on Genesis form.
Is this correct, and if not could you please correct me. Thanks.

Also, I have another concern:
If I use "Genesis Evolution: Morph Bundle" from what I understand,
this is similar to using the morphs for V4 and M4, (Such as V4 morphs ++) except these are applicable for the Genesis male AND female figures.
Again, is this correct, and if not could you please correct me.

Thanks so much.
I am finding the Genesis conditions and requirements a little confusing.


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,769
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    The V4 and M4 shapes won't let you use morphs made for V4 and M4, though if you have the GenX plugin to convert the fourth generation morphs the shapes will make them look the same as they did on the original figure (a morph is a change to the shape, so if you apply a fourth generation morph to Genesis the result will be different as the starting point is different).

    Yes, the Evolution morphs are the basic body shaping morphs, like the Morphs++ sets for older figures, and (mostly) can be mixed with the male, female or child shapes - or indeed with other shapes, though in extreme cases such as Anubis the results may sometimes be a little odd.

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