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can you use genesis stuff on v4 and m4? 
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Not skin mats or anything but clothing. I’m always finding nice stuff for my renders but it’s for genesis…
I’m using Poser by the way


For future reference, I use PoserPro2014

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Most likely not. Clothes for Genesis were made for Genesis and not for V4/M4. Yeah, a lot of these outfits have the M4/V4 iconic shapes, which may help it fit better, but your likely to get plenty of poke through. Not sure if Wardrobe Wizard or any of the clothing fit programs out there would help with this.


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I think there is a way to export items as objs and then use dynamics in poser.

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Currently you would either need to use the studio exporter to get the clothing into poser and then use PhilCs’ Genesis Wardrobe Wizard plug in to convert it to M4 V4 clothing;
Or export the M4 V4 morph from the clothing as an object and rig that in poser;
Or use the exported object as a start for dynamic cloth as mentioned by scorpio64dragon above.