ultra morphs + morphs ++?

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I got ultra morphs for m4 and I have morphs ++. I tried to get them to work together but they don't seem to be. Morphs ++, the base, and Ultramorphs are all installed to the same directory...
So what's wrong here?


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    Can you give a link to Ultra Morphs, I can't find them?

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    I never heard of ultra morphs.

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    You need a Poser .pmd file handler of some kind to get them to work in Studio.

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    M4 Ultra Morphs do not morph the M4 EyeBrow Geometry.
    'Injection Builder' IS NOT DAZ STUDIO COMPATIBLE although the injection files created with it in Poser are Daz Studio Compatible.
    These morph targets are based on the V4 Ultra set 2. Many morphs have been remade or modified to work better with M4.
    THIS IS NOT THE MERCHANT RESOURCE VERSION OF THIS PRODUCT. Requires: Michael 4, Poser 6, Poser 7, PoserPro, Daz Studio 2.2. Download the FREE Daz Studio 'Inject PMD' plugin by 'DeltaX15' Here.

    It says on the product page that it needs the inject PMD plugin by DeltaX15. It also mentions DAZ Studio 2.2 which is a long time ago.

    There is a thread here on problems with PMD files in DS 4.5


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