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Hello everyone, first of all say that I've been surprised with Daz 3D is incredible!

But I have some doubts come and ask for help because I did not find solution in youtube videos

Problem number 01:

How can I edit my animations animations that I bought?

Let me give an example for clarity, I have two peronsanges struggling and would like to hit up the other however can not do so

Problem number 02:

How do I create my own animations?

Thanks everyone and sorry for my english flawed.


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    I assume you are using aniblocks, if so you can only edit those with Animate2 which unfortunately you just missed on sale. :long:
    but you can create your own animations using powerpose and puppeteer, these you can save as pz2 files using the free Poser format exporter for Daz studio
    don't be put off by the name, pz2 files work in Daz studio too.
    I will try to find some links later, on android now, not easy
    someone else might post some first.

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    thx so much!!!!!!!!

    i have another question, how i can export obj files with bones?

    my modeler and render is Modo from luxology, do you can help me?

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    The OBJ file format does not support bone information, so the answer is that you cannot do it.

    You could try DAE (Collada) or even FBX, I believe they will work for what you want to do.

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    Jimmy, thx i will try export in this format...
    I have one last question ( for the moment :P ),
    how i can interact two animations in daz studio? for example i making a fight scene but the actions dont close with another

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    Hopefully Wendy will be along to help you with that one, I don't do animations at all I'm afraid.

    Sorry I wasn't any help :red:

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    yes and unfortunately I hardly use studio for animation, I mostly use Carrara and not really very good at or much into fight scenes.
    Boring as it seems, my characters mostly dance.
    there are some paired motions available for punch and recieve etc, all involve careful positioning and lots of scrolling along the timeline to check fir poke through between figures etc, no easy way.
    In Poser there is a physics plugin that does ragdoll, nothing like that currently for studio.
    I have Poser7 and it's physics plugin but I myself only really can do spectacular falls and tumbles which I save as animated poses for Carrara and iClone mostly.

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