Michael or Micheal? :P

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Saw this on the Sales & Promotions page ( http://www.daz3d.com/shop/sales-promotions ).. It's bad enough when I see it from PAs, but to see it on Michael's own promo link, with his name spelled properly in the actual image...

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    Spelling issues aren't a big deal to me.

    Silly as this is, I have actually met a person whose name IS Micheal.

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    Maybe he's Irish? :P

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    Michael and Micheal are both used names , Micheal is more often Irish version
    and in USA given name mostly by parents that can't spell LOL
    but they sounds the same ..
    but this product name is wrong as well .. as it get about Michael but not big deal as you see nobody saw it for so long time or maybe did and don;t bother to say

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    The proper Irish (Gaeilge) version is Mícheál and it is pronounced something like "Mee-all", Mee-hall" or "Mee-chal" ("ch" as in loch), depending on what part of Ireland you are from. I agree with Cath, though, that no doubt some people are called Micheal because their parents misspelled it, or just wanted the name to be different.

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    My point in all of this is made in the image. I know both are spellings that are used, but there is inconsistency between the spelling of the name for Michael 5.

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    Orrrrrrr... is it realy Micheal 5 :-/. And the promo image is wrong.
    And is Victoria 5 realy who they claim she is, could it... be... she is... Viktoria 5 :ohh: .

    These are confusing times here at DAZ :down: .

    Grtz Jean-Claude

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