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Ahh im sure this has probably been asked by someone somewhere somewhen, but why does the hair add-ons not look like the package image. I've downloaded a few now. and while the rest of the model looks great, the hair is always a let down. If you look at the bubblegum hair theres a character with a defined fringe. yet when you open Daz and attach that hair you get a chunky version of that with no hair definition.

I see loads of images where people have got round it and created realistic hair so I figure it must be one of two things. Either the definition is added in photoshop(which makes those package images a bit misleading compared to others where what you see is what you get)


theres some setting/control/ parameter in daz im missing.

anyone help?


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    What you see in the DS viewport is Pre-Render. You need to do a Full Render to see what the item looks like once rendered. The Viewport is a OpenGL view that is just a stand in, only Renders show the FULL shaders, textures and other features of items. You will also need to use the morphs for the item to get them to match promo images. The promo's are High quality Renders showing the items at there best. I'm pretty sure Daz does not allow much postwork on the promo images.

    I hope this helps.

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    Normally, when you add a hair model, it loads with a default texture map, but one of the exceptions to that is the PH Bubblegum hair. It loads without a texture. Within the PH Bubblegum folder is a Materials folder. With the Bubblegum hair selected, go into that folder and apply one of the texture maps. Below is what the hair looks like without and with a texture map applied.

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    That, and you need to make sure that any displacement or bump maps are not only 'in place' but there is some 'strength' given to doesn't do much good to have the map on the proper channel if the strength is set to '0'.

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