Gotta love UPS ...

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I had a set of rack cards and a set of business cards done up for a client. They were delivered today. To MY PITT BULL!!!

I need to know ...

I get that I have a scary looking (though beautiful), four legged, fur covered, land shark living in my yard who's sole intent is to protect those of us inside, forcing UPS drivers to get creative with their delivery system. I also understand why a driver would be hesitant to leave a package under my mailbox by the road (if someone should steal it, and I report it stolen, then the driver is held financially responsible to replace it).

Some hold onto the package leaving a sticky note that they will try again tomorrow. Others honk their horns so we come outside (especially if the van is in the drive).

But explain to me how giving the dog my package is a plausible option?

I go to check the doors for the night, and see my entire shipment being happily shredded by my dog. He was protecting the house from the dangerous box the stranger left.

Now I have to call the printer in the morning, have them report the damage, UPS then sends out a driver to pick up the damaged package, then the printer can send a replacement.

No wonder shipping fees are skyrocketing ...

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