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Noodle and pose dials [solved]
Posted: 02 October 2012 12:44 PM   [ Ignore ]
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A problem from a beginner with poor english ( yes the world is not perfect)

I just bought a product name Noodle (nice toon cat)  and if the installation was easy i just can’t find the different poses an morphs that are supposed to be somewhere in the library.
As the files don’t come separately from the rest of the product i have not found in the DAZ documention the way to importe theses items :
5 Tail Posing Dials
17 Body/Head Shaping Dials Including a “Kitten” Morph
20 Partial/Full Body Posing Dials
36 facial expression morphs
with DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)

I had a similar problem with Toon Rabbit but as the .dsa files where apart, i finaly found how to merge them with the basic pose.

Is there a documentation specific for this type of training.

Best regards

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The problem is solved   Sorry for the post :-(

I found the explanation as i try the only process i did not before (move the Editor sliders just in case)

But for sure, i ‘ll be back with some more constructive questions

best regards