Facebook no more url links in comments??

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I don't know if it is just on Android but I can no longer paste links in replies to friends posts or comments.
can still on my status
I often linked to an uploaded render or Youtube video as well as pages of interest as part of a comment
just tried linking a render on the Victoria Daz comment on the PA sale as you do
but also a friend yesterday, had to mesage them with it instead.
I am guessing it is a new facebook security measure to stop spamming but kinda limits my facebooking as linking stuff is my usual reply, particulary images.

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    well, it is working now
    not the first time, and I am not the only one
    friends have had issues.

    I am a bit paranoid since apparrently yesterday some people's private messages were made public
    they are messing with the works
    with this new pay to promote and pages you may like and share stuff, worried we will need to pay oneday to share linked pages and our image uploads etc too.
    art posted on facebook already becomes usable without permission by it.

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