Create a static object from a character (solved)

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Hi and really sorry if this question have been answered two thousand times but I can't find ...

So ... question is:

Is it possible after have settings prop, wardrobe and pose on a character to make it "static" ... a way to say to mister Daz Studio I will not make any change on this item so create a big object faster and lighter to manage ?

What I want to do is to create big scene with lot of characters (and actually I can't ... I play with group, instances and visibility while editing but it's not enough for my computer ;) )

thanks a lot again,

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    Save material settings for each part, then save each as OBJ with the rest temporarily hidden, and Ignore hidden checked in the export options, then import the OBJ files and apply the materials you saved. Or save the whole collection as OBJ, import and use the copy and paste options for materials (Edit menu, or Surfaces pane option menu) to copy the settings from the figures to the static OBJ file (note that copy and paste won't switch shaders if you use any other than the DAZ Default). Save each OBJ.

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    Thanks a lot, fantastic ! It work fine !

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