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Okay, it appears that now that Poser can use it, vendors are providing it. I gather that Studio could use it some time ago, but I'm only just beginning to see products that include SSS settings for Studio as well as for Poser. Most of them are Gen4, but Genesis can use Gen4 Skins, so it's beginning to look like I am not going to be dismissing Gen4 characters out of hand just yet.

So. Anyone got a list of what characters out there provide SSS settings for DS? I know that Thorne's new Scotlyn does and Gypsyangel's new Tempest. But who else is out there with Studio-ready SSS settings?


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    Bought that recently, not sure if she has SSS settings but she renders beautifully in Daz Studio. And from the promos, she looks the same as the ones rendered in Poser that have the SSS so it's a good bet the D/S version has it too.

    The vendor is Freja. That's the only one I can think of at the moment other than GypsyAngel although I know for sure more are out there.

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    Most of our newer characters have SSS materials (using HSS). However a good chunk of those poser characters are using SSS incorrectly. SSS is how your skin interacts with light and you really shouldn't see it unless you're shining a strong light behind you. If your character suddently gets a ghostly, waxy or pale look from what you had with default materials, you need to adjust your settings down to match the skin tone of the default material settings.... you've basically blown out your settings. That's not how SSS is supposed to work and that's not what SSS is.

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    Subtlety is the key. And the vast majority of the renders showing it are not being subtle about it.

    Now, that said, very young and very old characters will show more SSS than 'average'.

    Also most of the "Elite" textures/characters should have SSS...and believe it or not, the basic Genesis characters that come with the DS4 content have it. You can also use those skins (just ctrl-click to apply and ignore) to add SSS to a skin that doesn't have it (not going to be as good as a custom setting for that skin, but better than nothing).

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    M5 bundle uses SSS

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    If you get interjection it lets you add some nice preset SSS to characters, or if you have some Elite textures, I often apply the mats to a regular character for the SSS effect.

    I love the character "Danielle" from Rendo... a popular figure, with gorgeous DS mats. I also use Lana mats often.

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