script to control camera?

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I'm a (very!) new user to Daz Studio and I'm trying it out to see if I can use it to create figures and animations for the video games I make.

To do this I often need a bunch of different angles on the same animation, sometimes they're easy to set up (like just the four angles North, South, East, West) but sometimes I need loads of images only a few degrees apart from each other.

Is there a script that will let me set a start and end angle for the scene (or the camera) and a number of steps in between, then batch render all those different angles into separate images saved on my disk?

If that one doesn't exist, is there one which will let me provide a list of camera positions and angles (or scene rotations)? I can write code to calculate the angles if needed.

I'm currently using Daz 4.0. I'm a little worried about switching to 4.5 because I couldn't find any documentation on how the new qt scripting language links to entities in Daz Studio.


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