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I can only buy 1? I don't have 1 in my cart...

Salem2007Salem2007 Posts: 502
edited December 1969 in The Commons

Just in case anyone else runs into this:

I clicked to add Tempest to my cart and realized I had not logged in yet, so I choose to log in before looking in my cart. After login, my cart had zero items, so I added Tempest...but I received the "You canonly have 1 of these blah, blah, blah...." message. I logged out, cleared my cache and tried again--same result.

I logged in from another PC...same result. There was nothing in my cart, but I couldn't add Tempest.

Solution (at least for me):

Log out. Choose Tempest, and then view cart--I was prompted to log in, which I did. There, now in my cart was 2 Tempest. I edited the cart and checked out. Knowing this now, I probably could have added anything to my cart and removed it later.

I post this here just in case someone else has the same problem someday.....


  • bytescapesbytescapes Posts: 650
    edited December 1969

    Salem2007 said:
    Solution ... I post this here just in case someone else has the same problem someday.....

    The cart is a little screwy. Particularly if you are logged out when you add something, then log in.

    Another trick that often works is to add something else to your cart (you can remove it later). This will reveal the actual contents of your cart.

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