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Why doesn’t Daz tell me when I have bought something before?
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Yeah, I probably would have spent a lot more in the PA and PC sale if I didn’t have to spend 10 minutes to find out if I bought something every time something caught my eye. I basically gave up after a while.

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Taozen - 17 October 2012 09:46 AM
Kerya - 17 October 2012 01:16 AM
AngMo - 16 October 2012 09:47 PM

Actually, I had already done this, but if your collection is growing (as I’m rather certain that DAZ would like for it to be) then keeping a spreadsheet up to date can be more than a pain. More time spent adding to the spreadsheet means less time browsing, searching & purchasing. (creating, rendering, etc.)

Especially when you have to browse each time you buy something through your itemized order history here to copy the line from there ...
I have Taozen’s DazHistoryManager, but it doesn’t list items in bundles.

I’m actually working on including support for bundles also, shouldn’t take too long before it’s ready if all goes as planned.


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