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Welcome in the Visitors thread dedicated to the 80th TV show V - Visitors.

The old original starting of this theme in old DAZ-site can be found here in the S.H.A.D.O. thread: DAZ-old thread

Attention ! Hint !! On the old forum archive the links to embedded images are broken. Thank you DAZ ! If you want to see that images you may play the manual wizard to display them by this following doings:
1. Find such a line in the text
2. copy this part
3. open a new browser window
4. and past the the copied portion behind the first part of the archive URL
5. so in total the link in the browser should read like this
It's just easy ... especially for one image ... Maybe someone may solve this also later. Otherwise without the images the old forum archive might be more or less worthless ...

All links from the old site about Avengers stuff will be found here in the heading message (plus the newly added stuff).
All Stuff is Poser-ready but should work also in D/S except that it might be neccessary to adjust the textures cause often poser procedurals are used. If not other named the stuff matches V4 and/or M4.

Cause it seems to be impossible to push images between text line (for the moment??) all images can be found at the end of the postings. And the sorting of the images is following the naming or other mysteries. So sorry for some mismatches. Maybe this can be changed later (?).

So lets start the Visitors stuff ===>>>

Clothing female
Work in progress


Other interesting links


Some images about addon cloth and bodysuit details for use with V4-Bodysuit or J-Suit.

437 x 600 - 22K
600 x 420 - 47K
600 x 420 - 45K
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